Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Keep the Change

I just ran across a great new bank promotion today. Bank of America started an awesome program that allows you to "keep the change" when you make purchases using your check card. For every purchase you make with your check card, Bank of America will automatically round it up to the next whole dollar and put the extra change into a savings account for you. There are three great things about this program:

1. It automatically makes you save. It sounds like a few cents here and there but that stuff adds up over time.

2. It makes it a lot easier to balance your check book. Everything that comes out of there is now a whole number. Stop worrying about subtracting those pesky numbers behind the decimal point.

3. Bank of America matches the amount of change you save dollar for dollar for the first three months and after that they will match 5% of the rounded off change you accumulate(up to a maximum of $250 per year). You can't go wrong with free money.

Basically, this is a super easy way for you to start saving money. Also, make sure you check out any and all possible fees associated with this account (I believe there are zero fees if you keep a certain balance). If you have a Bank of America near you, go in and sign up for it (or just sign up online).

*By the way, I am not affiliated with Bank of America in anyway. I just really think this is a great plan.

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